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You can try to fight the signs of aging, but eventually you just have to admit it’s happening.

The natural aging process, sun exposure, and other environmental factors can damage your smooth skin texture and cause weak tissue elasticity. This causes wrinkles, creases, and sagging skin to develop, contributing to an aged appearance that may not reflect your youthful heart. Facelift surgery can restore firm, smooth, youthful skin for a naturally radiant complexion.

Achieved With Facelift Surgery

A Firm Facial Appearance

Loose and sagging skin can dramatically age your face. The mark of a youthful complexion is a firm facial contour. Excess skin can detract from your naturally attractive facial definition. Facelift surgery eliminates unwanted facial tissue and contours the remaining skin for a firmer, more youthful facial appearance.

Smooth Complexion

Fine lines, wrinkles, and creases will develop as you age, marring your smooth complexion. An even skin tone and a wrinkle-free complexion can help brighten your face and erase years from your appearance. Facelift surgery smooths fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth and effortless complexion.

Natural Results

The goal of any facelift is to achieve amazing, subtle results that look natural and enhance your beauty. Dr. Henry is an experienced facial plastic surgeon who takes the time to understand the goals of her patients. Her techniques achieve beautiful, flawless results.

Facelift Procedure

What to expect:

The incision begins behind the tragus at the front of the ear and continues behind the ear and into the hairline. The extent of the incision depends on the amount of correction needed during your procedure. Dr. Henry then separates your facial tissue from the underlying muscular structure. She lifts and tightens your facial muscles, improving the contour of your face. Excess skin and fat are trimmed away to correct the appearance of sagging and wrinkles. Dr. Henry then drapes the remaining skin to highlight your new facial contour. Your incisions are closed and bandaged.

Addressing Any Concerns You May Have

Following your surgery, your face will be loosely bandaged, and drains will be placed to minimize swelling. You will likely experience some minor bruising, redness, and swelling. You will be required to sleep with your head in an elevated position for several days following your procedure to prevent any additional swelling.

In the initial weeks following your surgery, you will need to avoid strenuous physical activities. Most patients can return to work within two weeks of their procedure. Patients can resume their normal exercise routine and other activities after two weeks with surgeon permission.

After three to four weeks, most major swelling should have subsided and your final results will be visible. Some minor swelling may last for six months and can affect the appearance of your initial results.

Dr. Henry expertly places incisions in the hairline to mask their appearance. Some patients might develop visible scarring depending on the extent of their incisions. Scarring that may develop is likely to fade over time.

The cost of your facelift surgery will be personalized and will depend on the extent of correction needed to achieve your desired results. Surgical fees, anesthesia fees, and facility fees can also affect the ultimate cost of your surgery. An exact quote will be given after your consultation. On average, facelift surgery costs between $9,550 and $12,950.

It is common for the face to feel tight after facelift surgery. Some pain or discomfort might occur in the first few days. Oral medication is prescribed to control any pain that may result.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facelift Surgery

Typically, general anesthesia is used during facelift surgery. However, for qualifying patients, local anesthesia with sedation can be used. During your consultation, Dr. Henry will be able to determine whether you qualify for the use of local anesthesia.

There are several facelift techniques that can be used for your surgery. The one that best suits you will depend on the areas of the face that require correction. Some techniques include:

  • Traditional: targets the face from the cheek to the jaw
  • Mid: targets only the cheek area
  • Mini: targets the area around the jaw
  • Neck: corrects sagging skin on the neck and along the jawline

Many patients choose to combine liposuction with their facelift. Liposuction of the neck and jaw helps improve the definition and contour around the jawline for a more graceful neck.

Facelift surgery doesn’t target excess or sagging skin of the upper face. However, many patients choose to combine a brow lift or eyelid lift surgery with their facelift to achieve an overall rejuvenated appearance.

Facelift surgery is the best procedure to provide you with long-lasting, age-reversing results. Many patients maintain noticeably youthful skin for years after their surgery. However, facelift surgery cannot halt the aging process, and your more youthful appearance will continue to age naturally after your surgery.

Many patients undergo non-surgical facial procedures to maintain their results after facelift surgery. Common touch-up treatments include skin resurfacing and facial fillers.

Facelift surgery can provide minor correction to volume loss under the eyes and around the cheeks. However, for a plump, fuller facial appearance, consider combining facial implants or facial injectable treatments with your facelift.

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