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Chin Enlargement

Individuals who desire increased chin prominence may be a perfect candidate for chin enlargement, or chin augmentation. This cosmetic surgery procedure will provide more definition to a small, receding chin or a chin that is disproportionate to other facial features. It can improve a person’s profile, creating a more attractive jaw line that enhances facial balance.

Better Definition, Better Profile, Better Jaw Line

Dr. Henry will begin the chin enlargement procedure by making an incision inside the lower lip or under the chin. After the incision is made, a biologically correct, pre-shaped implant will be precisely placed in order to provide optimal results. During the consultation with Dr. Henry, prospective patients may learn about an alternative chin augmentation procedure in which a portion of the chin bone is permanently moved forward (“sliding osteotomy”).

Chin enlargement surgery is an outpatient procedure using sedation, local, or general anesthesia. The patient will have a small pressure dressing placed over the chin before he or she goes home. Prescribed oral medication can help relieve initial discomfort. Within a month or two, any swelling, tenderness, and local numbness will gradually subside.

Additional plastic surgery procedures at our San Francisco Bay area centers that may enhance chin enlargement results are liposuction of the neck, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), neck lift, and laser skin resurfacing.

For more information on chin enlargement in San Francisco and the Bay area, contact Dr. Kimberly A. Henry’s offices in Davis, Greenbrae, and Petaluma.

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