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Breast Lift

Breast sagging occurs when your breast tissue weakens and succumbs to the effects of gravity.

Breast ptosis is common in women following pregnancy, but genetics and aging can also lead to breast drooping. Women whose breasts lack their old youthful perk may find it difficult to feel confident and comfortable in their bodies. A breast lift can be performed as a stand-alone procedure to correct breast sagging, or it can be used to improve breast augmentation or breast reduction results.

Achieved With Breast Lift Surgery

Perky, Youthful Breasts

Women with mild, moderate, or severe breast ptosis will find that their breasts lack the youthful position and shape they once had. Breast sagging can occur in women of all breast sizes, and it is marked by the amount of tissue that sits below the breast crease. A breast lift removes excess tissue and places sutures to provide long-lasting support to the breasts. Breast lift surgery is a proven technique to restore perky, youthful breasts.

Improved Breast Augmentation Results

It is common for women who lack volume to also have mild to moderate breast sagging. If a breast augmentation is performed without addressing breast sagging, you may be more prone to developing double-bubble or having your implants bottom out. Combining a breast lift with your augmentation will help provide beautiful, long-lasting results.

Better Breast Reduction Results

Women with overly large breasts often find that their breast weight weakens their breast tissue. If you are considering a breast reduction, chances are you also experience breast sagging. During your breast reduction, a breast lift can be performed to enhance your results and improve the appearance of your breasts. A breast lift will provide natural results that flatter your body’s curvature and physique.

Breast Lift Procedure

What to expect:

A breast lift is performed as an outpatient procedure using anesthesia. Incisions are placed around the nipple-areolar complex and, in some cases, will also run down the lower breast tissue and along the lower breast crease. Excess tissue is removed from around the areolas. The remaining tissue is lifted, repositioned on the chest, and held in place using internal sutures. If you require a volume increase, Dr. Henry can place a silicone implant in a created breast pocket. Your incisions are then closed and bandaged.

Addressing Any Concerns You May Have

It is normal to experience bruising and swelling following your surgery. Light dressings are placed over your incisions, and a specialty bra is worn to provide support for six weeks. Most patients return to work one to two weeks after their procedure. You can resume your regular exercise routine six weeks after your surgery. The majority of swelling will begin to subside by six weeks.
Depending on the length of the incisions used for your treatment and your body’s natural healing process, you may develop some scarring following your surgery. Most patients find that their scarring fades six to twelve months following their recovery. Embrace Scar Therapy Treatments are also available to our patients.
The cost of your breast lift surgery will be personalized and will depend on the extent of correction needed to achieve your desired results. Surgical fees, anesthesia fees, and facility fees can also affect the ultimate cost of your surgery. An exact quote will be presented to you at your consultation.
It is common for the breasts to feel tight after breast lift surgery. Some pain or discomfort might occur in the first few days. Oral medication can be prescribed to control any discomfort that may result.

Before & After Photos

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lifts

Breast lift surgery is usually performed with the patient under general anesthesia. However, patients that require only minor correction may be able to use a local anesthetic or sedation.

You should wait until your weight stabilizes after pregnancy or weight loss before undergoing a breast lift. It is recommended that patients maintain a stable weight for six months to a year before their procedure.

Breast lift surgery is designed to provide long-lasting correction to the appearance of your breasts. However, weight fluctuations can affect the quality of your results, and it is recommended that patients maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure long-term results.

While patients should correct breast ptosis at the same time as their augmentation, women that received an augmentation when they were younger may find that they develop tissue sagging later in life. A breast lift can be performed on previously augmented breasts to restore their attractive appearance.

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