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What Should I Eat Before My Liposuction?

Green Healthy Food GraphicLiposuction is designed to remove unwanted fat from trouble areas of your body. However, it is not meant to be a weight-loss procedure. People considering liposuction should first be near their goal weight and have shed as much fat as they can naturally. Liposuction will treat those areas that are resistant to a healthy diet and plenty of exercise and will provide custom-definition and an enhanced contour. In the months leading up to your liposuction treatment, you should attempt to rid your body of as much excess fat as possible. These foods will help you lose fat and achieve a fitter physique.

It’s All About the Nutrients

Many people are confused about which foods are best for fat loss because there is so much conflicting information available. You should tailor your diet to your needs. Some people want to build muscle, which requires a protein-heavy diet. Other people may be looking to run marathons, which may require a more carbohydrate-based diet. When you are looking to burn fat, you want food that will boost your metabolism and lower your blood sugar levels.

Lean Meat

Lean meat, such as chicken, is a good source of protein and doesn’t result in a release of sugar during the digestion process. It provides an adequate source of energy without being stored as fat. Lean meats help you feel full, cut cravings, and don’t cause blood sugar spikes.


Eggs are one of the best sources of protein available. With low calories and packed with vitamins and minerals, eggs help you build muscle and burn fat. Additionally, eggs are rich in iron and vitamins A, B12, and B2, which help promote a healthy body.

Fatty Fish

If you couldn’t tell, good sources of protein are essential for fat loss. Healthy protein increases the metabolism and helps build muscles, both of which help burn calories. Fatty fish are filled with healthy protein and contain less fat than beef or poultry. They also provide you with essential omega-3 fatty acid and are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin D, and potassium.

Whole Grains

Many people shudder away from carbs and will exclude all mention of them from their diet. However, complex carbs like those found in whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, and whole grain bread and pasta) can be beneficial. Complex carbs take more energy to break down, and they release less sugar than refined carbs. Whole grains can help you feel fuller for longer and, in small doses, can prevent the body from storing fat.

Leafy and Fibrous Green Veggies

While you can still eat fruit on a healthy diet, they tend to be packed with sugar. Instead, choose leafy greens when possible. The fiber is good for your stomach health, and green veggies are one of the best sources of iron. Leafy green veggies are a good addition to any meal to help you feel fuller without the excess calories.

Snacks to Cut Cravings

Eating four to six small meals throughout the day is a great way to curb hunger and prevent cravings. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be larger-calorie meals, while small, low-calorie snacks should be scattered throughout the day. When seeking snacks, choose food with lower sugar contents and high amounts of protein to prevent the dreaded 3 p.m. crash.

  • Almonds
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Berries
  • Peanut butter (with non-hydrogenated oil)
  • Grapefruit
  • Green tea

If you are considering liposuction, follow a healthy diet to help ensure the best results possible. For more information about liposuction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Henry today. Call our Bay Area office at (415) 924-1313, Sacramento office at (530) 756-7663, or our Sonoma office at (707) 778-2313 or fill out our online contact form for additional information.

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