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Breast Augmentation Choices: How to Get a Voluptuous Look

Breast Augmentation Before and After PhotosWomen who want larger breasts want either a more natural or a more voluptuous look. Those who are part of the latter group are looking to radically change their figures so that their bust is more of a focal point on their bodies. Here is how you can get a voluptuous look from your breast augmentation procedure.

Choose Round Implants

Breast implants are either teardrop-shaped or round. Teardrop-shaped implants carry more volume in the lower portion of the implant, which creates a more natural and subtle look. Round implants have a more uniform volume that generously accentuates all sides of the breasts. Round implants create more volume at the top of the breast, which adds fullness, lift, and more cleavage while standing or lying down. Two bonuses of round implants are that they are often less expensive than teardrop implants, and they do not change the appearance of the breasts if they rotate after surgery.

Choose a Higher Profile

Implant profile refers to implant projection. Low to moderate profile implants have a wider base with a low projection, which produces a more minimalistic or conservative augmentation. High profile implants have a narrow base with a high projection, which usually produces a more voluptuous and distinctive augmentation. Round, high-profile breast implants add fullness to the top of the breasts, which creates more cleavage. Bear in mind that your unique chest wall measurements could positively or negatively affect how high-profile breast implants could create your desired appearance. Dr. Henry will work with you to help you find the implant style and projection that will accentuate and spotlight your breasts in the way you desire.

Choose Subglandular Placement

Subglandular implant placement is when the implant is placed over the breast muscle. This technique usually creates more cleavage, particularly if the woman’s breasts are naturally further apart from each other. With subglandular placement, the implant is more prominent and can better emphasize the bust.

Choose a Larger Size

If you are interested in creating a voluptuous look that will draw attention to your breasts, make sure to choose a larger sized implant. Dr. Henry can help you to determine which size of implant will best feature your appearance and highlight your bust according to your desires.

Following these suggestions can help you to get a voluptuous look with your breast augmentation. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kimberly Henry will help you to make the appropriate choices to achieve your desired results. To schedule your consultation, please call us at (415) 924-1313 or fill out our online contact form.

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