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A Feminine Touch to Plastic Surgery

There are many factors to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon. One of the most important things to research is your potential surgeon’s credentials. Your surgeon should be board certified and have years of experience performing the specific type of surgery you are considering. Other factors to consider before choosing your plastic surgeon are positive testimonials and the surgeon’s before- and after- photos from their previous patients. It is important to investigate these factors before meeting the surgeon and to verify their qualifications during your initial consultation. It is also a good idea to research information on the procedure you desire so that you understand the results that can be achieved, which will enable you to more easily communicate your expectations to the surgeon. In addition to these formal parts of determining the right plastic surgeon for you, making sure that you are completely comfortable with your surgeon is also essential to achieving the results that you desire and having a pleasant experience.

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Many women who receive plastic surgery prefer female plastic surgeons because they feel more comfortable with someone of their own gender. Plastic surgery can be a sensitive topic, and it may be more difficult for a woman to openly discuss it with a male surgeon. Also, some women may feel self-conscious about having to get undressed for a male, even if he is a plastic surgeon. The majority of female patients feel more comfortable talking freely about their health issues or personal desires with a woman than a man, and sometimes it takes another female to fully understand how a woman is feeling in order to help her achieve her goals for surgery.

It may be surprising, but men often prefer female plastic surgeons for their procedures as well. Some men are naturally competitive with other men, so they feel comfortable and safe from judgement when expressing their goals for surgery with a woman. Studies have shown that female doctors spend more time getting to know their patients and understanding their patients’ situations, and men often want a female perspective on what would provide the most attractive outcome for their procedure.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kimberly Henry, has written two books to help potential patients determine if plastic surgery is right for them. The Face-Lift Sourcebook is an easy read that illustrates intimate experiences from everyday people about their aging appearance. Dr. Henry explains the emotional issues people go through when determining whether or not plastic surgery is right for them, and she also gives details on technical procedures. The Plastic Surgery Sourcebook provides information on numerous cosmetic procedures and what to expect in terms of cost, time, and recovery. The book also has before- and after-photographs of patients who have undergone various surgical and non-surgical procedures, which can help you determine if a particular procedure is right for you.

If you are considering plastic surgery in the Sacramento or San Francisco areas, Dr. Kimberly Henry is available to discuss your concerns and goals for surgery. She has extensive experience in plastic surgery and is dedicated to making her patients emotionally and physically comfortable. Please call Dr. Henry at 415-924-1313 to schedule your consultation today!

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