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Facial Enhancement for the Ages

Trying to stop time from robbing you of youthful, beautiful skin can be a seemingly impossible task. Multi-step, at-home skin care regimens can be time-consuming, and they only produce minimal results at best. Procedures that treat the deeper layers of skin, targeting the real causes of aging, provide more dramatic results than anything you’ll use at home.

However, not every facial enhancement procedure is created the same, and we have different skin issues depending on our environment, outside activity levels, and most importantly, age. How old you are can dictate the type of skin problems you suffer from, and your facial enhancement procedure should be tailored to meet those needs.

Under 30: Treating Acne and Fine Lines

When you are still in your 20s, your collagen hasn’t yet begun to break down. If you are under 25, you most likely struggle with acne (but that doesn’t mean older patients don’t also suffer from acne). However, you might notice that as you get closer to your 30s, fine lines begin to develop around your eyes, on your forehead, and around your lips.

Laser skin resurfacing is an ideal treatment for people under 30 because it fights acne and promotes collagen production, which treats fine lines. Laser treatments may be combined with other facial enhancement techniques as you get older, but it achieves the best stand-alone results in younger patients.

Between 25 and 45: Erasing Crow’s Feet and Smile Lines

Kimberly Henry Fillers patientIf you spend a lot of time outdoors without sun protection or smoke in your early 20s, you may develop crow’s feet, smile lips, and/or lip lines sooner than those who’ve refrained from these habits. However, severe wrinkles are more common for people in their mid-30s and can worsen as they get older.

Injectable treatments are recommended if you are looking to erase wrinkles because they fill lines and stimulate collagen production in your tissues. While BOTOX® Cosmetic is excellent for treating crow’s feet, forehead lines, and brow lines, dermal fillers are better at treating nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

Over 35: Tighten Sagging Skin

Facelift patient Dr. Kimberly HenrySkin laxity can start to occur in the mid-30s and gets increasingly worse as you age. Loose skin can cause a loss of facial definition and create the appearance of jowls at the jawline. The older you become, the more likely your facial sagging is due to both skin and muscle laxity.

Facelift surgery is best suited for patients with facial laxity rather than just wrinkles or fine lines. A facelift repositions sagging tissues and provides additional support so you maintain your results for longer.

Why Consider Dr. Kimberly Henry for Facial Enhancement?

Dr. Kimberly Henry is a U.S. board-certified plastic surgeon who provides a specific and unique postoperative treatment plan tailored to fit her patients’ individual needs and desired results. She is upheld by the highest standards of medical excellence and practices while also noted for her caring and nurturing attitude. By applying cutting-edge facial enhancement technology and techniques, Dr. Henry will produce satisfactory results that will improve your jaw and facial appearance.

For a facial consultation to determine which facial enhancement technique is best for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Henry today. You can call our Petaluma office at (707) 329-3568, our Davis office at (530) 316-5426, our San Francisco office at (415) 936-7610, and Greenbrae office at (415) 997-0918. You may also contact us online for more information.  


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