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The Importance of a Strong Jaw

When many people look to enhance a feature on their face, they tend focus on the eyes, ears, or nose. What they often don’t know is that the jaw often plays a major role in establishing facial balance. The appearance of a strong jaw is one of the most important components of an attractive face […]

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Chin Implant As Part of Facial Rejuvenation

One of Dr. Henry’s chin augmentation patients A receding chin is typically a genetic trait that can make a person appear younger than their actual age and may detract from their overall beauty. A chin implant will create more definition along the jawline and balance with the nose and lips to create a harmonious profile. […]

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Chin Augmentation On the Rise

The chin often goes unnoticed as being the culprit of many patients’ unhappiness in their appearance. Many patients believe their nose is too large or their mouths are not shaped right, when in reality, it is their jawline that is out of proportion. When someone has a chin that is out of proportion or set […]

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