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Breast Augmentation Recovery Guide

If you are considering breast augmentation, it is important to understand that you will need to take up to two weeks off from work and you will be required to limit your physical activities. It is best to plan your breast augmentation around an extended holiday or when you have ample vacation time available. Additionally, we don’t recommend undergoing breast augmentation within two months of a major event. This breast augmentation recovery guide will help you plan for your post-surgery care.

Immediately Following Surgery

You will feel groggy as the anesthesia wears off. Everyone reacts to anesthesia differently, and nausea is common. Pain medication is being used at this time to help minimize your discomfort. The new pressure of your implants may feel foreign, and it can take time to get used to them. After a few hours of evaluation, you will be allowed to leave, but an adult must drive you.

First Week at Home

Once you return home, you should rest. We recommend planning and setting up a comfortable area on the first floor of your house; it may be tiresome to move up and down stairs. Make sure to take your pain medication at its scheduled time, and clean your bandages and incisions according to your doctor’s instructions. You should see your surgeon within a few days of your surgery for a follow-up appointment to ensure you are healing properly. By the end of the first week, you should be wearing a special, surgical support bra.

Two to Three Weeks Out

By the second week, you should be up and moving around. You may or may not still need pain medication; this can be discussed with your surgeon. Your breasts will be tender and sensitive to touch. Around this time you should be able to gently massage the breasts, which can help your implants settle into their proper position. After the end of two weeks, you can begin to drive yourself, and most people return to work.

Four to Five Weeks

At this time you will obtain permission from your surgeon to resume your regular exercise routine. Running, other light cardio, or light muscle training is common. You may experience some discomfort returning to major chest exercises, especially if your implants are placed under the muscles.

Two Months

Your major swelling should subside by this point, but minor swelling may remain, which can affect the position or look of your breasts. You should have returned to all normal activities. Your incisions should have healed properly, and you can begin wearing underwire bras. Your implants are most likely settled into their final position.

Why Consider Dr. Kimberly Henry for Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Kimberly Henry is a U.S. board-certified plastic surgeon who provides a specific and unique postoperative treatment plan tailored to fit her patients’ individual needs and desired results. She is upheld by the highest standards of medical excellence and practices while also noted for her caring and nurturing attitude. Using cutting-edge technology and techniques during breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Henry provides you with the breast appearance you have always wanted with an easy recovery period.

For more information about the breast augmentation process, contact Dr. Henry at her Petaluma office at (707) 329-3568, our Davis office at (530) 316-5426, our San Francisco office at (415) 936-7610, and Greenbrae office at (415) 997-0918, or contact her online.

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